Massive Supply-Chain Ransomware Attack Cripples Thousands of Car Dealerships

Posted on: 03 Jul 2024 | Author: Foresiet


A widespread ransomware attack has brought thousands of car dealerships across the United States to a halt. The incident, attributed to the BlackSuit ransomware gang, targeted CDK Global, a software provider essential to the operations of numerous car dealerships. This breach underscores the critical need for robust cybersecurity measures such as stolen credentials detection, darknet monitoring services, and digital footprint analysis.

Impact on Car Dealerships

The ransomware attack has significantly impacted dealerships relying on CDK Global's dealer management system (DMS). The attack forced CDK Global to shut down its IT systems and data centers, leaving dealerships unable to access customer records, schedule appointments, process sales, or print repair details. Many dealerships have had to revert to manual processes, severely disrupting their operations.

Scale of the Attack

CDK Global serves approximately 15,000 car dealerships nationwide. The disruption is extensive, affecting a substantial portion of the automotive retail sector. Despite brief restoration attempts, CDK Global had to deactivate its services again following a subsequent cyberattack.

Ransom Demands and Response

Reports indicate that the hackers demanded tens of millions of dollars in ransom. An anonymous source indicated that CDK Global is considering paying the ransom to mitigate the damage. The BlackSuit ransomware gang, known for its high-profile attacks, has been linked to the Royal ransomware group, an evolution from the Russian-linked Conti group.

BlackSuit Ransomware Tactics

BlackSuit ransomware encrypts victims' data files, appending a ".blacksuit" extension, and leaves a ransom note demanding payment for decryption. The note emphasizes the group's capability to cause financial, legal, and operational disruptions if their demands are not met. BlackSuit has gained notoriety for targeting various industries, including healthcare, and its reach extends beyond the US.

Cybersecurity Implications

This incident highlights the necessity for businesses to adopt robust cybersecurity defenses, including digital threat scoring, brand protection, and online risk evaluation. Organizations should remain vigilant against threats from groups like BlackSuit, regardless of their industry or location.

Proactive Measures and Preparedness

The attack on CDK Global serves as a stark reminder of the importance of being prepared for cyberattacks. Businesses must have emergency response plans and proactive measures in place to mitigate the impact of such incidents. It is crucial to understand that it is not a matter of if but when a ransomware attack will occur. Ensuring strong cybersecurity defenses and being ready to respond effectively can make a significant difference.


The devastating attack on CDK Global and its widespread impact on car dealerships emphasize the critical need for enhanced cybersecurity measures. Businesses must invest in comprehensive security solutions, including stolen credentials detection, darknet monitoring services, and brand impersonation defense, to protect their operations and customer data from malicious actors like the BlackSuit ransomware gang.

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