A unique combination of Human intelligence(HUMINT) and Applied Research HUMAN+TECHNOLOGY.

Protecting individual, Enterprise and Federal Government

We provide Cyber digital Investigator platform to proactively detect, monitor, self heal and secure threat and to be in forefront to assist in cyber response.

Let us find the weak links in your system

Cyber Digital Investigator

Foresiet for Consumer / Enterprise and Federal Government

The fraudulent put more effort into higher value targets, like celebrities, politicians or influential people across enterprise, federal government and consumer community.
Dark Web Intelligence

Deep identity investigation for account takeover.

Breach Incident Response platform

Breach and threat intelligence feed integration platform.

Brand Reputation and risk profile

Brand monitoring with faked domain monitoring and sentiments analysis.

Automated Anti-phishing platform

Real-time Protection against phishing attempts and alerts.

Security Assessment

Comprehensive assessment for evaluating security.

Self Healing

System with self immunity.

Awards and Recognitions


We provide Hacker's Eye to ethically asses your Digital Risk and assure an inevitable threat landscape.

Digital Risk Score

Industry Comparison vs Digital Service

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