Frequently asked questions

We provide cognitive solution and Cyber Digital Private Investigator as a service to safeguard consumer, Enterprise and federal data.

We are specialized in Cyber Security, Brand Reputation Analysis, Account Takeover Prevention, Identity prevention/protection, Breach incidents, Cyber Hygiene, Fraud Detection and Prevention Spear phishing, targeted attacks and many more.

Type of information we find by scanning your personal email addresses credentials exposed, Personally identifiable information (PII) that is associated with your email.

Many of us often use a enterprise email for personal services or vice versa at work (e.g. Dropbox, Linkedin, etc.). In the unfortunate situation that one of these services is breached, it’s fairly common for hackers to try to reuse the same username/password on other sites (including your company’s sites).

Personal email addresses are typically considered those that do not match any of the domains in your Domain Watchlist. Since we monitor all email addresses associated with the domains in your Domain Watchlist, it is not necessary to add your work emails in the Personal Email Watchlist, we’ve already got them covered.

Threat intel available for our enterprise customers. Feed includes phishing domains, credential reuse detection, automated phishing attempt detection etc. Please get in touch to discuss our API and pricing if this applies to your organization.

We provide advice for the various types of breaches that we find, Cyber hygiene, Cyber Crimes happening in current environment. If you have any questions about a breach or need further advice, please feel free to contact Contact page..

Reach out to us via Contact page for any queries around solutions and services.