Foresiet Xtreme: Your Shield Against Digital Fraud & Cyber Threats

See How This Middle East Financial Leader Achieved SAMA Compliance and Safeguarded Customer Trust


When their strategic cloud transformation created unintended security vulnerabilities, this industry leader turned to Foresiet Xtreme (Foresiet Integrated Digital Risk Protection Platform). Discover how they regained control, protected their brand reputation, and exceeded compliance standards while maximizing their digital presence.

The Security Challenges:

Attack Surface Gaps and Third-Party Vulnerabilities

The organization's rapid shift to the cloud created an expanded attack surface and exposed them to risks within their third-party integrations. Hackers exploited these weaknesses, compromising their systems and stealing confidential financial data.

Struggling to Maintain SAMA Compliance

The challenge of finding a balance between meeting strict SAMA regulations and fostering digital innovation created a constant compliance burden for the organization.

Blindsided by Attacks: The Peril of Limited Visibility

Their reliance on multiple, disconnected security tools generated an overwhelming volume of alerts. This data overload, coupled with a shortage of security professionals, made it impossible to proactively pinpoint and address threats.

Customer Trust Eroded by Phishing Attacks

Employees and customers alike fell victim to relentless phishing attacks. These attacks resulted in stolen credentials, compromised personal information, and fraudulent activity, significantly damaging the organization's reputation.

Safeguard Your Reputation, Data, and Systems

Protect your brand, reputation, data, and systems with Foresiet's Integrated Digital Risk Platform. 24/7/365 threat monitoring for total peace of mind.

Why Foresiet?
The organization chose Foresiet Xtreme for its quick implementation, 360-degree risk visibility, and ability to deliver actionable insights.
Uncovering the Hidden Dangers
Foresiet Xtreme immediately scanned the organization's entire digital footprint, revealing the full extent of their security issues. They discovered critical data breaches, along with fake websites and apps actively targeting their customers.
Reclaiming Control and Proactive Defense
Foresiet Xtreme helped prevent the spread of social media impersonation scams designed to defraud customers. Additionally, its threat intelligence and dark web monitoring capabilities allowed the organization to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals, proactively safeguarding assets and their reputation.
Restoring Trust, Exceeding Compliance, Avoiding Penalties
Thanks to Foresiet Xtreme, the organization restored customer confidence, streamlined SAMA compliance, and avoided costly penalties stemming from cyber incidents.


  • Zero Tolerance for Digital Fraud
  • Unshakeable SAMA Compliance
  • Data Monetization Prevention on the Dark and Deep Web
  • Elevated Customer Trust & Enhanced Brand Reputation

Read the Full Narrative:

Want the full story behind their cyber resilience? Download the complete case study to see how this financial leader tackled cloud security risks, persistent phishing attacks, and strict compliance requirements. Discover the specific tactics they used with Foresiet Xtreme to protect their brand, data, and customer trust.