Starting Strong: A New Year, A Week with Fewer Cyber Breaches (Jan 1 - Jan 7, 2024)

Posted on: 08 Jan 2024 | Author: Foresiet


As we step into the New Year, the cybersecurity landscape unfolds with dynamic shifts, presenting both challenges and opportunities. The inaugural week of 2024 has witnessed a distinct surge in cyber breaches, deviating from the established trend in the previous month.

However, amidst this shift, there is a noteworthy reduction in global breaches, signifying dynamic changes in the cybersecurity panorama. This comprehensive report delves into key observations, additional data points, the latest updates, and detailed analyses of vulnerabilities, threat actors, employee size impacts, attack surface exposure, and recent threats in the dark web community.

Key Observations for the Week

  • A significant decline in cyber breaches, marking a 50% decrease from the previous week.
  • Companies with 51 - 200 and 201 - 500 employees emerge as primary targets, emphasizing the adaptability of threat actors.
  • Manufacturing leads in breaches, indicating a strategic focus on critical sectors, with heightened threats in Health Care, Transportation Services, and Education sectors.
  • Cyber incidents seamlessly cross borders, affecting various industries worldwide. Recent events have impacted North America, South America, and Europe.

Top Threat Actors and Their Activity

The cybersecurity landscape this week witnessed notable activities from various threat actors, each exhibiting distinct patterns and levels of engagement. Below is an overview of the top threat actors and their activities, shedding light on their impact on the current cybersecurity scenario.

  • Hunters (17% Threats): Hunters, with a significant presence, imposed 4 threats this week, maintaining their formidable status in the cybersecurity landscape. Their consistent activity underscores their role as a persistent threat actor, contributing to the evolving threat landscape.
  • Bianlian and Blackbasta (13% Threats Each): Bianlian and Blackbasta, despite a modest count of 3 breaches, secured the top two positions due to their sustained and reliable threat campaigns. Their consistent imposition of threats positions them as noteworthy players, contributing to the overall threat landscape.
  • Lockbit3 (3 Threats): Lockbit3 remains a perennial player at the top, consistently imposing 3 threats this week. Their unwavering activity highlights year-round engagement and proficiency, making them a key player in the threat landscape

Detailed Insights

  • Bianlian and Blackbasta: Despite a modest count of 3 breaches, both Bianlian and Blackbasta exhibited unwavering consistency in imposing threats throughout the week. Their sustained activity reinforces their positions as top players, reflecting the reliability of their threat campaigns.
  • Lockbit3: As a constant presence at the forefront, Lockbit3 exhibited top-tier activity by imposing 3 threats this week. Their year-round engagement underscores resilience and effectiveness in the threat landscape.
  • Play: A prominent threat actor in breaches during the last half of December, Play's activity dwindled this week with only 1 reported breach. This shift in activity level warrants further observation to understand the dynamics of their threat campaigns.
  • Knight: After a period of inactivity in the first half of December, Knight has re-emerged as an active threat group, imposing 2 breaches this week. This resurgence places them in the third position among the top threat actors, showcasing their adaptability.
  • Rhysida: Demonstrating consistent activity throughout December, Rhysida maintains a presence in the top three threat actors. Their reliability and effectiveness in the threat landscape underscore their significance in the evolving cybersecurity scenario.

The diversity in threat actor activities observed this week reinforces the dynamic and evolving nature of the cybersecurity landscape. Understanding the patterns and behaviors of these top threat actors is crucial for developing effective strategies to mitigate emerging cyber threats.

Employee Size Impact

The analysis reveals widespread cybersecurity vulnerabilities across companies of all sizes. Small companies (2-50 employees) and medium-sized ones (51-500 employees) face significant challenges, emphasizing the critical need for tailored and robust defense strategies. Larger organizations (501-10,000+ employees) encounter breaches, highlighting the necessity for comprehensive cybersecurity measures.

Attack Surface Exposure

  • Identifying 399 vulnerabilities, including 35 critical ones, this week showcased potential threats.
  • Notably, five vulnerabilities already have available exploits, with a High Level of Potential Exploitation (EPSS score ranging from 0.04% to 0.24%). The Foresiet research team identified exploits available for Opportunistic Threat actors.

Recent Threats in the Dark Web Community

Amidst the evolving landscape of cybersecurity, notable incidents have transpired, showcasing the actions of Anonymous Sudan, NoName, and Anonymous in different corners of the digital realm. These activities underscore the dynamic and impactful nature of cyber threats on a global scale, with the dark web community serving as a witness to these notable cyber-attacks.

  • Anonymous Sudan claims responsibility for a recent cyber-attack on the UAE, targeting 167 domains, including 120 government sites. The attacks have led to significant disruptions in various organizations, and the extent of the damage is still being assessed. Motivations behind the sustained campaign remain undisclosed.
  • NoName intensifies cyber-attacks on Finland, targeting key entities such as Traficom, the Cybersecurity Center, and the Finnish Railways Agency. The group's motives and specific objectives remain undisclosed as they persist in their campaign against Finnish organizations.
  • Anonymous, led by @YourAnonTl3x, has claimed responsibility for a cyber-attack on Guatemala's presidential website, resulting in its unavailability. The impact of the attack has left the website inaccessible to users, and the motivation behind the incident remains undisclosed.
  • Poland experiences a surge in cyber-attacks orchestrated by the NoName threat group, impacting critical sectors including railway carrier ticket purchases, energy company Polska Grupa Energetyczna SA authorization, Polish Sejm, and the Port of Gdynia.


The cybersecurity trends report for the initial week of 2024 provides a comprehensive overview of the evolving threat landscape. As the digital realm continues to transform, vigilance and adaptability in cybersecurity strategies become paramount. Understanding the nuances of recent threats, top threat actors, and vulnerabilities is crucial for organizations to fortify their defenses in the ever-changing cyber landscape.

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