The Rising Menace: DragonForce Unleashed and Israel in the Crosshairs - Threat Report Dec 10th-17th, 2023

Posted on: 17 Dec 2023 | Author: Foresiet


In the fast-paced world of cybersecurity, adaptation is not just a choice but a necessity. As we traverse the intricate landscape of digital threats, it's crucial to glean insights that empower us to fortify our defenses. This report delves into the dynamic trends that have shaped the cybersecurity narrative over the past month, offering a comprehensive perspective for our community of Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs).

Taking into account the breach count for the week of 10th Dec - 17th Dec, which stands at 110, there is a continuation of the increasing trend observed in the previous weeks. The data reflects a notable surge in cyber incidents, reaching the highest count during this period. This suggests an elevated level of cybersecurity threats during the specified timeframe, urging organizations to reinforce their security measures and stay vigilant against evolving risks.

Key Observations for the Week

In the current cybersecurity landscape, there's been a significant uptick in breaches this week, surpassing the month's observed trend. Companies with 51-200 employees are notably targeted, signifying an increased focus on this bracket. Meanwhile, Israel & UK rank second in this month's cyber incidents, with LockBit and Dragon Force emerging as new entrants, holding a combined 40% share. This week alone saw a 7.41% increase in breaches compared to the previous period, totaling 110. This highlights the need for heightened cybersecurity measures, especially for mid-sized companies, in the face of evolving threats.

In terms of industry targeting, Manufacturing maintains its consistent position as the top target, closely followed by Healthcare and Education. Interestingly, IT and Services experienced fewer breaches this week, marking a relative decrease in cyber incidents within this sector.

Geopolitical Resonance

Geopolitically, the cyber threat landscape has undergone intriguing changes. Contrary to the initial data, recent trends reveal a concentrated focus on the USA, with 55 reported breaches. Additionally, Israel and the UK experienced 6 breaches each, while Germany faced 3 breaches. Other countries registered fewer than 3 breaches. CISOs must attune their defense strategies to these geopolitical shifts for a more resilient security framework.

The Rise of New Threat Actors

  • LockBit3 maintained a consistent impact last week but surged to the forefront this week with 27 threats, indicating increased focus or a strategic shift.
  • DragonForce emerged as a new entrant last week, and this week, it continued its impactful presence by imposing 17 threats. The sustained activity underscores its growing significance in the threat landscape.
  • 8base demonstrated a notable presence last week with 10 threats. However, this week, it experienced a slight decrease in threat count, potentially signaling a shift in focus or tactics.
  • LockBit3 and DragonForce emerged prominently this week, showing a considerable increase in threat activities compared to last week. Akira, Toufan, and 8base maintained their threat posture, with Toufan exhibiting increased activity. AlphV exhibited reduced activity, indicating a fluctuation in its threat landscape.
  • Last week, Play played a significant role in cyber activities. However, this week, its impact has diminished, signifying a noticeable decline in activity compared to the previous week.
  • Snatch: Showed a noticeable increase in threat activities compared to last week
  • No new threat actors have been identified this week in comparison to previous weeks.

Employee Size: A Broader Spectrum of Vulnerability

From primarily impacting mid-sized companies in the initial data, cyber threats have broadened their scope. Recent trends reveal targeting across organizations of varying sizes. The breakdown of breaches by company size indicates a nuanced landscape:

  • Companies with 51-200 employees faced 26 breaches.
  • Those with 11-50 employees experienced 18 breaches.
  • Organizations within the brackets of 201-500 employees and 1001-5000 employees encountered 16 breaches each.

This data underscores the need for CISOs to reassess risk profiles and ensure robust security measures across the board.

Sneak Peak on Darkweb Activities

  • Zara, the world's largest retail clothing chain, is under severe assault.
  • Anonymous Disrupts oneforisrael, a key supporter aiding Israel in the Israeli-Gaza conflict.
  • LockBit infiltrates government and engineering company systems.
  • SiegedSec leaks NATO documents exclusively to NATO countries and partners.
  • 3.78 million records from KCF China exposed! Compromised data includes usernames, emails, and mobile numbers.
  • UAE Government's Official Portal Offline. Anonymous Collective claims responsibility.
  • Leaked 101-page document unveils U.S. Army's Multi-Domain Operations in 2028.
  • Nepal and Philippine Government Hacked by Cyb3r Drag0nz.
  • Anonymous Operations Vendetta group joins UserSec Collective, warns of upcoming attacks.
  • Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Website Hacked by Anonymous.
  • Deanon Club recruits for cyber teams and emphasizes Darknet ops and financial gains. Urgent call for cybersecurity vigilance.

In this dynamic cyber landscape, constant vigilance and adaptability are non-negotiable. CISOs, as the guardians of organizational security, are pivotal in shaping the future. This report aims to empower them with the knowledge needed to stay one step ahead of cyber adversaries.


In the latest cybersecurity landscape analysis, breaches have notably increased this week compared to the previous one, particularly impacting manufacturing, health, IT & services, and education sectors. The persistent dominance of threat groups like LockBit3, DragonForce, 8base, and Akira underscores the continuous risks faced by organizations globally. Industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, software development, consulting, construction, and education are urged to prioritize targeted security measures. Emphasizing a global perspective and sustained efforts, organizations can effectively navigate the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape, safeguarding their digital assets and sensitive information.

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